Prayers Over My Black Sons

A Book by Scholastica Bassey

Book Description

Prayers Over My Black Sons is a groundbreaking book of prayers. It has prayers for every child, regardless of their race or gender. It offers insights and prayers for almost every aspect of a child’s life, and each prayer can be modified and personalized. The book helps gives direction to your prayers for your children, nieces, nephews, cousins—any young person in your life.

Offering thoughts and prayers as condolences can be seen as an act of kindness. But of what use are people’s thoughts and prayers if, heaven forbid, your children are hurt, harmed, or, in a worst-case scenario, their precious lives cut short by fellow human beings, tragedies or disasters? As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” You’re not omnipresent, so pray in advance for your children and commend them into God’s mighty hands and it shall be well with them, and your days on earth will be peaceful.

Excerpts from the book

Chapter 1

Monologue To God

Good morning God. Good afternoon Lord. Good evening God. Thank You, Lord, for this precious moment. How are You? I know You are Great because You are the maker of all things. I am doing fine. Father, I thank You for this marvelous gift of life You have given freely to me and to all of us. Ah! What a privilege to be alive. Only the living can thank You, can praise You. It is only the living that can pray to You. And You, Lord, only answer the prayers of the living because the dead are gone. They cannot pray or praise You. No amount of money, thanksgiving, or gratitude would suffice or come close to expressing my or our gratefulness. You are a God of protection. You are the God of beauty. You are the God of all things and times.

Monologue To my children: (my sons and daughter)

My children, you are God’s gifts to me and your father, for every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord (James 1:17). My black sons, my black daughter, I am your mother. I am black. Your father is black. That makes you black. You’re black. It’s just the rule. Humans give birth to others who look like them. So do animals. A cow does not give birth to a goat but to a cow, neither does a goat give birth to a horse but to a goat. Every mammal gives birth to a replica of itself. You didn’t choose your skin color, and no one on the face of this planet did. Everyone came into this world clueless of their race. By the same token, everyone will depart from this world, Planet Earth, clueless about their race. We became aware of our color from childhood unto this day. You didn’t choose your race. I, your mother, didn’t choose my race. Your father, my husband, didn’t choose his race either. This is a fact of life. No one in this universe chose his or her race. Perhaps race will not be a priority when we are facing our mortality. So, why is there much ado about absolutely nothing? —Shakespeare.

Chapter 4. Prayers

Protection and safety while in school

May Your ever presence abide with my sons and daughters today and always.
My Father, protect my sons and daughter while they’re in school.
God, keep my sons and daughter safe while they’re in classrooms.
God, may Your watchful eyes rest upon my sons and daughter while they’re studying in school.
Lord, keep my children safe while they’re playing on school playgrounds.
My sons and daughter went to school in great health. O God, bring them back home in excellent health.
God, temporarily cripple or halt the legs of those who go to my children’s school to cause them or their classmates harm.
Lord, my sons and daughter went to school alive. O God, bring them back home alive and well.
God, keep every child in school safe and return them home safely to their parents, guardians, and loved ones.

Prayer against suicide

So Father, I entrust the lives of my sons and daughter to Your mighty hands.
Father, preserve their lives
O Father, guide the hearts of my sons to love their lives
O Father, guide the heart of my daughter to love her life.
Lord, You are omnipotent. Command the hearts of my children to cherish their lives.
My Father, engrave in the hearts of my sons and daughter respect for their own lives.
Father, make my children choose life.
Father, I pray against the untimely deaths of my children by suicide.
Lord, sow the seed of life in their hearts and let that seed blossom.
My God, convince my sons and daughter to respect their owns lives.
Faithful God, vanquish depression from my children’s lives.
O God, destroy any thought of suicide in their minds.
My Father and my God, expel any thought of suicide from my children’s hearts.

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