Below is one of the scenarios of a model family affected by infidelity, along with possible approach or response in dealing with a unique situation. You’re welcome to discuss it and have your different opinions, or draw your conclusions.


A family is a happy one and the envy of the community. The husband/father has a good executive job. The wife is a stay-at-home mom and has everything she needs or wants. This happy family lives in a fine house, and money isn’t an issue. The father is a very devoted dad—the best dad and husband most families would wish for and dream of. The husband has been very faithful to his wife. He has resisted every temptation. One day a seductive woman finally charms his heart. He cheats on his wife. If the wife divorces him, she’ll be awarded substantial amount of money. But she’ll never have the happy family she used to have. Here comes the question. What should the wife do? Should she divorce him, or stay and work on her marriage?

Sample Approach

The beauty of life is that one will always receive both positive and negative responses to any situation. Some women would suggest the wife divorce her cheating husband, get half of his money, and find another man who will be faithful to her. The question is, what’s the guarantee that the new man would be faithful? This new man may be attracted to her because of her money and wealth. My suggestion is that this wife should not divorce her husband. She can recall the good aspects about him as a loving husband and father. Also, she should give herself time to reflect on her wedding vows and the phrase “for better or for worse.” Infidelity, unfortunately, is one of those “for worse” experiences no woman wants to deal with in her marriage.

You can solve your marital crisis as a couple by seeking professional counseling, or spiritual counseling from clergy. In times like this, depending on your coping style, if you need other people’s input, then surround yourself with good friends and family members that will encourage you to stay and not divorce. When you stay for yourself, your children, and your husband, even though he has hurt you, you’ll be happier at the end because it’ll all be worth it. Know that you will get through this pain and heartbreak. If you have no other good reason to stay in this marriage, stay for your kids. This is the best gift you can ever give to your children, the gift of their father’s presence in their lives. You will save them from painful negative experiences that broken marriages inflict on children. No, they will not be okay.

Ladies, don’t punish your children because of the sins of their fathers. If you can get through this heartbreak, better and happier years are ahead. There is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Your husband will forever remain thankful for your forgiveness. He will love and treasure you better than he has ever done before. Take consolation with the words of Doug Larson, “More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.”

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