Book Excerpts – How to Beat My Husband’s Mistress

A Book by Scholastica Bassey
Chapter 5. Infidelity: No One Is Immune

As evidenced in our society some husbands have the potential to cheat, but not all husbands cheat. There is no guarantee that your husband will not cheat on you, but neither is there guarantee that he will cheat. I don’t intend to scare you, but as long as you and your husband don’t reside alone on a secluded island where there are no walking beings called women, there’s the possibility an affair may sneak up on you. Unless other women are walking saints with the utmost respect for marriage and the fear of God, no one is immune from infidelity.

Chapter 12. The Power of A Woman (A Salute to Women)

The power of a woman is as strong today as it was in the days of old. I believe the power a woman possesses is one of God’s special gifts to women. This is the reason why a woman can intentionally or otherwise makes a man do things he wouldn’t do under any normal circumstance. In our world, it is the power of a woman that makes a man walk away from his life, wife, marriage, children, parents, siblings, friends, throne, and sometimes inheritance for his mistress. It’s only the power of a woman that makes a husband consult his wife before he buys or builds a new house, to ensure she likes it before he pays for it, so that there’ll be peace at home.

It’s the power of a woman that makes her fiancé move away from his home state, hometown, parents, siblings, job, and anything else that’s important to him to reside at his fiancée’s place of choice. A man who is under the spell of a woman would do anything, risking his job and reputation for his mistress. Some of these realities demonstrate the glaring truths about the power a woman possesses.

Chapter 15. Beating the Mistress

Your husband’s affair by itself won’t destroy you, but your actions might. Take consolation in the fact that you have control over yourself, and don’t relinquish it to anyone. You’re in the driver’s seat, the most important seat, with an enormous responsibility that could make or break your family. Your ability to deal with your husband’s affair will impact both your future and your kids’ future, with or without him. Your husband’s infidelity would not by itself destroy you if you wouldn’t allow it. Kelly Clarkson is so right in her song “Stronger.” She sings, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and “What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter.” You’ll not only be fighting for yourself and your marriage, but you’ll also be fighting for your children..

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